I love adventures and danger to an extent of madness. I have a keen interest in travel. I also have respect for people of all backgrounds, religion, status and class does’nt matter to me. I strive for the best in life like everyone. I can forgive and trust, although it can be hard nothing is imposible. I like flowers of all colours, the sea, stars and the sand, birds sing, mountains, hils and caves, which are dark. The only thing that scares me is closeness and comitment. I used to enjoy art, swimming is cool, am not scared of heights, love thrils and being at peace too. Writing is what I used to do and worrying is all I seem to do. I enjoy cartweels, daisey chains and listen to music from 80’s. I adore chicken and lamb, potatoes and broccoli…omg, and salmon! Sunrise is better than sunset, sweet than sour, rice than pasta, blue and purple, happyness no sadness, friendship and like than love, like than dark, poor than rich, a blue, black bee 🙂 Have a happy happy day have it with ME!!! Miss you…

Nu, textul nu-mi apartine decat prin faptul ca l-am primit ca SMS de la Tina si a fost o surpriza de proportii. I-am spus ca poate a gresit adrisantul…”no, no, it was for you…” Si am inghitit in sec cum fac de obicei cand primesc daruri mari, de neinteles, neasteptate, pretioase. Tina are un iubit si impreuna au un baietel, Joshua, de 18 luni, asa ca sa nu va ganditi la porcarii. (Recunosc ca mie mi-a trecut prin cap, cu groaza, ca poate… )

Am spus si ca am primit in dar un NIKON F60?

Si am gasit filmuletul asta. Si am aflat de fericirea sintetica, aceea fabricata de oamenii care pierd totul si-si reconstruiesc realitatea, facand-o mai usor de digerat. Neurologii au reusit sa cuantifice cumva aceasta fericire si au aratat ca este la fel de reala ca aceea legata de succese si impliniri. Nu e de ici de colo sa fii fericit numai cu ce ai.

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