Un 2009 waw!

Cand n-ai- sa dai!

Cand ai – sa oferi!

Cand primesti- sa dai mai departe!

Cand pierzi- inseamna ca n-ai, deci e timpul  sa dai 🙂

Un an bun tuturor si un mic dar ” furat” de la un prieten indian cu gusturi excelente (imi place tare mult cum suna varianta hindu- foarte muzical):

Jeevan nahi mara karta hai Poet: Gopal Das “Neeraj”

Chhip chhip ashru bahaney walo
Moti vyarth lutaney walo
Kuchh sapno ke mar jaaney se
Jeevan nahi mara karta hai

Sapna kya hai, nayan sej par
Soya hua aankh ka paani
Aur tootna hai uska jyon
Jaagey kachchi neend jawani

Geeli umar bananey walo
Doobey bina nahaney walo
Kuchh paani ke bah jaaney se
Saawan nahi mara karta hai

Maala bikhar gai to kya
Khud hi hal ho gai samasya
Anshoo gar neelaam huey toh
Samjho poori hui tapasya

Roothey diwas mananey walo
Fati kameez silaaney walo
Kuchh deepon ke bujh jaaney se
Aangan nahi mara karta hai

Khota kuchh bhi nahi yahan par
Kewal jild badalti pothi
Jaise raat utaar chaandni
Pehne subah dhoop ki dhoti

Vastr badalkar aaney walo
Chaal badalkar jaaney walo
Chand khilono ke khoney se
Bachpan nahi mara karta hai

Laakhon baar gagriyan phooti
Shikan na aayi par panghat par
Laakhon baar kashtiyan doobi
Chahal pahal woi hai tat par

Tam ki umr badhaaney walo
Lau ki aayu ghataaney walo
Laakh kare patjhar koshish par
Upvan nahi mara karta hai

Loot liya maali ne upvan
Lutee na lekin gandh phool ki
Toofaano tak ne chheda par
Khidki band na hui dhool ki

Nafrat galey lagaaney walo
Sab par dhool udaaney walo
Kuchh mukhdon ki naaraazi se
Darpan nahi mara karta hai

Life – it does not die Translation: The Maverick

O thee who stealthily shed tears
Who waste these pearls of their eye
If some dreams cease to be
Life doesn’t end, it doesn’t die

What’s a dream? Just a dew-drop
On your eye, amidst a siesta deep
And its dissipation is as if
Youth is woken-up mid-sleep

O thee who make their lives moist
Who bathe, but don’t immerse, o why
If some water flows out and away
Monsoon doesn’t end, it doesn’t die

So what if the beads scattered
The problem is resolved per se
If your tears are auctioned off
Then your penance is complete

O thee who spend their days glum
Who sew their torn shirts and cry
If some lamps get extinguished
The porch stays, it doesn’t die

Nothing gets lost here
The book changes its cover
Like the night peels moonlight
In the morn to be sun-ray lover

O thee who change clothes and come
Who go, but in new pomp and style
If lost is the moon you thought a toy
Childhood doesn’t end, it doesn’t die

Many, many pots n pails have broken
Not a crease on the well’s face o muscle
Many, many boats have sunk
The shore has the same hustle-bustle

O thee who extend the darkness
Who reduce the life of light
Fall may try, and then try
The orchard lives, it doesn’t die

The gardener pillaged the garden
Flower’s fragrance couldn’t be stolen
Even storms tried playing with it
But window of dust would remain open

O thee who embrace hatered
Who throw dirt on every guy
Even if some faces are upset
The mirror stays, it doesn’t die

3 thoughts on “Un 2009 waw!

  1. Aho, aho!
    “…coastele s-au cam uscat, Texicana s-a ‘nchegat, ceapa s-a exfoliat…” 🙂
    Lasa, o reprogramam. Am vazut unde ai fost si ce-ati facut; felicitari, frumos! Un an bun si tie!

  2. paaarca-l stiu de undeva pe pretenu asta al tau cu poezii pitoresti 😉

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